Revitalise Your Roof - Protect Your Home and Boost Curb Appeal

From drab to fab. Imagine your roof, sparkling clean and free of moss, algae, and grime. Not only will it stand out from your neighbours, but it will also regain its ability to effectively allow the harsh British weather, rain, snow, and moisture to drain from its surface. More than just aesthetics, moss and algae buildup and growth aren’t just an eyesore, it can damage your roof leading to,
• Lifting tiles. As moss grows, it expands, loosening creating gaps between or under tiles and allowing moisture to seep in and winds to lift.

• Leaks and structural damage. Over time, moisture can rot wood and corrode metal, compromising your roof's integrity.
• Reduced lifespan. A neglected roof will need to be replaced sooner than a well-maintained one.

• Protect your investment. Don't wait for costly repairs! A professional roof cleaning can,Remove moss, algae, and lichen safely and effectively. Prevent future damage and extend the lifespan of your roof. Enhance your home's curb appeal and potential value.

Gutter Cleaning

We specialise in residential, high-level and commercial gutter cleaning services in the Kent area. Our fully trained operatives can efficiently and safely clear your gutters of leaves, moss and general debris including,

• Residential gutter cleaning
• Commercial gutter cleaning
• Unblocking downpipes
• Minor gutter repairs
• Roof cleaning (residential & commercial)
• Soffit, fascias and sidings cleaning

We offer a gutter clean service FREE OF CHARGE with every roof clean project

We specialise in the cleaning of domestic and commercial paving, patio, leisure, socialising, and entertaining areas of your garden and outdoor spaces. Utilising the very latest in rotary jet washing equipment for flat surfaces with adjustable pressure technology available on the market today. Advancements in cleaning technology, biodegradable, eco-Friendly sustainable detergents, solutions and treatments along with good old fashioned hard work, so you don’t have to!

We can also clean your patio furniture (not soft fabric) using our specialist equipment. Using some of the latest advancements in Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly detergents, solutions and treatments or good old fashioned hard work. Our cleaning service will ensure you get to maximise your time this summer in your leisure, socialising, entertaining areas of your garden and outdoor spaces.

Patio Cleaning

Both hard and soft wood decks can over short periods of time become heavily covered with moss or algae. This can cause the decking to become very slippery under foot and therefore creating a dangerous place to walk, especially if not cleaned and maintained regularly.

When cleaned the right way, your decked area can be restored to its natural condition if it’s not too far degraded. We do recommend retreating, re-oiling, sealing or painting as soon after we have completed the cleaning process and naturally drying process occurs to help preserve the wood/surface and prevent regrowth.

Decking Cleaning

Your driveway and paths, often the first impression for your home, looking neglected and forgotten. This isn't just about aesthetics as a dirty exterior can drag down your curb appeal and even impact your home's value.

Your driveway and paths may be high-traffic zones, but they're often the most overlooked parts of your home. Vehicle parking and charging, storage for your re-cycling bin collection or just the approach to your home, these areas are exposed to the elements, these surfaces become battlegrounds for grime, oil stains, and discolouration.

But wait! Bish Bosh Wash is here to transform your entrance into a sparkling showcase allowing you to reclaim Your Curb Appeal with a Deep Clean, standing out from and impressing your neighbours, visitors or potential buyers with a sparkling clean home exterior that says "Welcome!" making your own future maintenance easier.

You can’t make a second first impression. Contact Bish Bosh Wash today on 07701 090808 to arrange for a free quote and see the difference a professional cleaning can make!

Path & Driveway

Exterior pressure and soft washing services

to rejuvenate your home’s curb appeal

Restore your property’s curb appeal improving the appearance and increasing potential property value. Let us clean the exterior from top to bottom. Roof, gutters, balconies, soffit/fascia, patio, decking, paths & driveways or full exterior.

Why choose us? We use efficient and effective cleaning methods, including the latest advanced equipment at competitive rates. Our soft washing cleaning solutions are safe and effective for delicate surfaces.

Two options for your needs.

Pressure washing - Investment and utilising in the latest pressure adjustable equipment, allows us to remove growth, heavy moss and grime, most suitable for more modern roof types where access is not an issue.

Soft washing - Gentle yet effective, perfect for delicate roofs or areas with fragile landscaping using the latest Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly detergents, solutions and treatments. Some of these latest advancements in Enzyme-based cleaners break down organic matter at a molecular level, subsequently results may take up to 4-6 weeks to show the full results of our cleaning process but we are more than happy to return for any area that require a touch-up.

Get a free quote on any of our services. At Bish Bosh Wash we understand every property and/or roof is unique, so we offer personalized estimates based on your specific needs or requirements.
It will not be long before the “Smart Pressure Washer” is a thing so why not Contact us today and let our expert human team help you restore your surfaces beauty and protection

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